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iMars T260 Solar Tire Pressure Monitor System Real-time Tester LCD Screen 4 External Sensors Auto Power On Off Banggood Discount Code

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16% off iMars T260 Solar Tire Pressure Monitor System Real-time Tester LCD Screen 4 External Sensors Auto Power On Off Banggood Coupon Codes & Deals


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More than 40 percent of the traffic accidents on the highway are caused by abnormal tire pressure.
To reduce such accidents, the installation of tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is necessary.
With the TPMS, we can keep the tire working within the specified pressure and temperature ranges at any time to reduce the damage
of the tire for driving safety. Besides, the higher or lower tire pressure can cause tire wear. The installation of TPMS could reduce tire wear,
prevent tire explosion, save fuel, and keep your car in good care, rather helpful. Just get this ZEEPIN product home and try out.
Main Features: 
Real-time monitor:
TPMS can provide the pressure and temperature statuses of 4 tires in real time.
When the data are abnormal, the driver will get the voice alarm and flashing warning icon.
Power Supply:
It features a solar panel with a high conversion rate and a USB charging port,
supporting solar charging and USB cable charging, no need to worry about power shortage.
Auto Power On:
It will sense the vibration and turn on when you open the car door
Smart Sleep Mode(Auto Power OFF):
After successful installation, it will sense the vibration and turn on automatically when you open the car door.
And it will turn off automatically after parking for 3 minutes, rather energy-saving.
Different Placements:
You can directly place it on the car dashboard or stick it on your car windshield for there are 2 strong adhesive tapes on its backside.
Sticking it on the front windshield is more in line with the visual habit. You can know the situations of tires without turning your head.
4 External Sensors:
Adopted the advanced chips, these 4 sensors are with high sensitivity and good accuracy for measuring pressure and temperature,
no misleading readings. Besides, with the IP67 waterproof grade, they are suitable for all weathers.
Wide Application:
This system is widely suitable for vehicles with 4 tires and the maximum pressure of the tire is below 8 bar,
such as the commercial car, for jeep, off-road vehicle, minibus, and sedan car, etc.
Extra Sensors:
Battery built-in CR1632 button cell
Working voltage 2.0 – 3.6V
Working environment -40 – 125 Deg.C
Working pressure 0 – 99 psi
Pressure accuracy plus or minus 1.5 psi
Waterproof grade IP67
Transmission frequency 433.92MHz
Battery type 280mAh Li-ion battery
Working voltage 5V
Working environment -40 – 85 Deg.C
Transmission frequency 433.92MHz
Pressure unit psi / bar
Rang 0-3.5bar
Temperature unit Deg.C / Deg.F
Product Size:
Product weight 0.0690 kg
Package weight 0.1980 kg
Package Size(L x W x H) 15.50 x 12.00 x 6.00 cm / 6.1 x 4.72 x 2.36 inches
Package Included:
4 X External Sensor
4 X Mounting Nut
1 X Wrench
1 X Non-slip Mat
1 X English User Manual